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Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
About Us
Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd is the leading frozen foods manufacturer in Singapore, exporting more than 80% of its renowned Spring Home products to countries such as Europe, North America, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

With Singapore as its manufacturing base and Group headquarters, Tee Yih Jia produces its world-famous spring roll pastry and wide range of ready-to-eat Asian convenience foods such as roti paratha, crepes, mini prawn rolls, glutinous rice balls, spring rolls and samosas. Apart from its state-of-the-art factory in Senoko, comprising a gross area of over 400,000 square feet, and another 200,000-square-feet factory in Johor (Malaysia), the Group also has manufacturing plants in China and USA.

Tee Yih Jia began as a small, labour-intensive spring roll pastry producer in 1969. Its current Executive Chairman, Mr Sam Goi Seng Hui, acquired the Company from its founders in 1977 and re-engineered the business by automating the manufacturing and q...
Spring Rolls and Samosas
Spring Home’s savoury Samosas and Spring Rolls are truly enjoyed by everyone. They are nutritious, tasty, and authentic.
Cocktail Prawn Rolls
Cocktail Prawn Rolls Delicious and savoury, these treats are great for the whole family. You can be sure that our flavours are authentic and tasty.
Masterchef Crepe
Masterchef Crepe Tee Yih Jia’s Crepe is a deliciously light and thin pancake, suitable for almost all occasions. It can be used to complement any dish, is ready-to-eat and very convenient to use...
Spring Home Spring Roll Pastry
Tee Yih Jia’s Spring Roll Pastry is of high quality and offers great value for money! They come in various sizes. Spring Roll Pastry (Plain) 10" (250mm) sq 550g 30pkts x 30shts 16.5kg ...
Contact Us
Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
112, Jalan Tampoi, , Tee Yih Jia Food Building , Johor Bahru, 81200. MALAYSIA

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