Input the specific query in search box, press enter, find the search result list. Through different combinations of words and phrases, system can output more precise results for the search criteria.
Single Keyword Search Display the bestmatch relevance web page by input specific key word.
e.g: input "football" or "travel agency" for single keyword search.
Chinese/Engligh Phrase Search To search more than one key word, user can separate words by space bar.
e.g: input the query of " sale expansion"for phrase search, user can get search results in "sale expansion","sale scale expansion" and releated web page.
fuzzy search Through "Openfind intelligent fuzzy search" function, the query can be matched with a text fragment automatically, and user can solve the typo error with search result suggestions.
e.g:input "Discoverer", can be matched with "Discovery"
Optimization Search For optimization search, user can use (,) to separate multi key words. The search results will be displayed by priority score.
e.g: input the query of "e-commerce,B2B,B2C"ˇA then the priority ranking will be:the article with 3 key words the article with 2 key wordsˇ÷the article with 1 key word only.
Conditional Search To search multiple key words, a user can use a plus sign (+) to force inclusion of a word, and use a minus sign (-) to force exclusion.
e.g: A user wants to search articles about "Apple", but not the ones about "iTune". The user may simply input "Apple,-iTune" to precisely search articles that contain "Apple" but do not contain "iTune".

* The conditional search does not support the script of (+) and (-) to be placed before the first key word, e.g: "-iTune,Apple".
Boolean Operators-OR To separate and search multi terms, user can input "or" or "|" to search articles.
e.g:input the query of "strategy or plan" or "strategy | plan"ˇC
Boolean Operators-AND To separate and search multi terms, user can use "and" or "&" to define queries.
e.g: Search "strategy and plan" or "strategy & plan".
Boolean Operators-NOT To separate and search multi-terms, user can use "not" or "!" to define queries.The search results will contain listed queries without"not", to assist the user to find the results more precisely. e.g: input the query of"PC or Sever not Operation Platform".

* Boolean operators do not support the script of "not" or "!".which have placed before key words, e.g:"not Operation Platform" or Server".