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How to change my account password? PDF Print E-mail
You can change the account password anytime for security reason.
  1. Log in to My Trademal.
  2. Click on Accout Information.
  3. Select Change Password.
  4. Type in your current password follow by new password and retype your new password.
  5. Click Update button.
When posting a new Buying Lead, why doesn't anything happen after I click Select Category? PDF Print E-mail
If nothing happens after you click Select a Category, the most likely cause is that your browser does not support JavaScript. You can solve this problem in the following ways: If you use Netscape, please upgrade to 5.0 or above If you use Internet Explorer, please enable JavaScript the following way:
  1. Click Tools on the menu bar of your browser
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click Security
  4. In Security, select Default to restore settings, or select Customize and set JavaScript to Enabled.
What is Trademal Company ID? PDF Print E-mail
Trademal Company ID is the unique ID that provided by administrator for every member of
What if I forgotten my Trademal Company ID? PDF Print E-mail
Trademal Company ID is shown on Company Profile in member personalized showroom. So you do not have to remember the ID as you can check it out anytime on your showroom without any login process required.
What if I have forgotten my password? PDF Print E-mail

If you forget your password, please choose a new password for yourself. To use a new password, simply take the following steps:

  1. Click the Have you forgotten your password link below the Sign in box at
  2. Enter your Trademal Company ID and Username click Send.
  3. Check your registered email address. New password will be provided with the mail for you to login to My Trademal.
  4. You can change the password again once you login to My Trademal.