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Dewina Trading Sdn Bhd
Sourcing Malaysia - It's all here
About Us
Through the centuries, Malaysia has steadily evolved from being a major stopover centre for the ancient Eastern spice route, to emerge as today's world-renowned melting pot gastronomic delights - reflecting the country's colourful history, diverse cultures and rich traditions.

Spices remain an integral part of Malaysian cooking even today. Yet, the process of preparing traditional and authentic Malaysian dishes from scratch can indeed be a complicated and time-consuming affair. Modern lifestyles have significantly changed many consumers' eating habits, where eating out has become the norm and nutritional considerations for food have regrettably been compromised.

Brahim's, an established Malaysian household brand, was created to address the needs of today's consumers for authentic, tasty and nutritious meal solution that can be easily be prepared at home.

Hygienically processed and carefully sealed in conveniently packaging materials, Brahim's product...
Brahim's Tomato Chicken with Carrots
Brahim's Tomato Chicken with Carrots This sweet yet hot dish is a favourite treat during meal times. Brahim's Tomato Chicken with Carrots is prepared from the finest tomato puree and a...
Brahim's Simmer Sauces
Brahim's brings you a range of ready-to-use Simmer Sauces featuring favourite dishes that capture the exotic flavours of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Now you can create delicious, wholesom...
Brahim's Asian Chef
Brahim's brings you the mystical flavors of Asian cuisine with an authentic blend of spices and herbs from the times of ancient Spice Route. Perfected by generations of master cooks, Brahim'...
Brahim's Cooking Sauces
Brahim's brings you the best Malaysia has to offer with its range of ready-to-use Cooking Sauces featuring favourite dishes that capture the exotic flavours of Malaysia. Now you can create deli...
Contact Us
Dewina Trading Sdn Bhd
Lot 11 Jalan P/9B, Kawasan Perusahaan Bandar Baru Bangi, Kajang, 43650. MALAYSIA
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