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  3.  The name of your product picture should be in English.
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When browsing supplier listing websites, we often see selling Trade Lead introductions that are unclear. Remember, your Selling Leads introduction is a major contributor toward the first impression buyers will have of you. It is important they fully understand what you sell, so use it to your advantage.

Structuring your Selling Leads introduction begins with using simple and clear paragraphs.

Paragraph 1 - Brief company introduction: In the beginning, a few suppliers will use a few sentences to briefly introduce their company, which aims to build more trust.

Paragraph 2 - Detailed selling description: Then, many suppliers will provide key information about what they need, such as the name of the product, size, color, performance, price, quantity, terms of payment and so forth.

Paragrah 3 - Cordial invitation: A lot of suppliers use the final paragraph of their Selling Leads introductions to reinforce their message and invite potential customers to contact them directly.

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  • Subject: Green Fuji Apple
  • Category: Agriculture/Fruit

Three Key Words

  • No: Green, Fuji, apple
  • Yes: Green Fuji Apple, Fuji Apple, Fruit

Apple is a real product, and apple is a kind of fruit, so "apple" and "fruit" can be keywords. Green (color) and Fuji (place of origin or species) are adjectives, meaning they modify "apple". They can not be keywords. Nobody searching with such adjectives will find products.

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Keyword means the word that your company/product/Trade Lead is searched with. Four out of five customers will search for what they need directly. Keyword is at the heart of searching because if your keyword is matched with a customer's sought products, your Trade Leads or products can be listed for buyers instantly.

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A striking and concise subject will increase your chances of being found. Please do not add price and insignificant adjectives, such as "high quality" or "beautiful," or list many products.

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Try to select the most relevant category. If possible, do not select "other." More than one third of buyers look for products by category. A precise category listing will enhance your chances of being found easily.

Posting a buying lead PDF Print E-mail
A buying lead is an invitation to suppliers to send you a quotation. Posting Buying Leads can save your time to source products and services and you can get more competitive price from various suppliers.