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Tatawa Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
About Us
Tatawa Industries (M) Sdn Bhd was in-Corporate in the year 1992 with the workforce of 14 people. To -date we have grown to a wokforce of 140 people. This growth proves our prowness and aim to be the specialist in soft-filled cookies and chocolate.

We are proud to be an ISO9001:2000 company. Armed with "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) and working towards "Hazard Analysis Critical point" (Haccp) compliance by year 2004 demonstrate our commitment for "Total Quality management " (TQM). Stringent quality check and laboratory test is a norm for us to maintain the freshness and hygiene of our individual packaged soft-filled cookies and chocolate.
Santore Assorted Cookies
Santore Assorted Cookies Packing / Carton Net Wt / Pkts : 900gm x 6 Tins
Craven ~ Chocolate Crunch
Craven ~ Chocolate Crunch Packing / Ctn : 1. 200g x 12 Cans 2. 300g x 12 Cans
Fruit Wagon Assorted Cookies
Fruit Wagon Assorted Cookies Packing / Carton Net Wt / Pkts :1000gm x 6 Tins / 800gm x 6 Tins
3 items : 1. 100g Meridien: Premium Hazelnut Chocolate Packing / Ctn : 1X24Box (500x305x280) 2. 150g Meridien: Strawberry Crunch With Almond Nut & Crispy Cereal Packing / Ctn :1X24Box (...
Contact Us
Tatawa Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
Plot 6, Kws Perindustrian Bkt Pasir, Jalan Rami 1, Bukit Pasir, , Muar, Johor, 84600. MALAYSIA

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