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Maphilindo International Sdn Bhd
Sourcing Malaysia - It's all here
About Us
MAPHILINDO INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD is highly regarded by the local insurance industry for its high standards of loss adjusting services, innovativeness, education and value added services. We were established in 1967 and today we are undisputed market leaders for claims management. We seek to maintain the highest industry standards in keeping with our corporate philosophy of "Raising Standards."

With the backing of our Partners, Miller International, we can now provide the most extensive global coverage of loss adjusting services in the industry.

All our offices are fully computerized and these offices operate with local area networked computer systems interlinked through the Internet. The intention of this is to enhance both the speed and quality of our services. We exercise a policy of being available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. We operate our very own 24x7 Call Center that provides emergency response towards claim notifications, catastrophes and ...
Engineering Claims Handling
We have a dedicated Engineering division. We are proud to have employed one of the largest pools of qualified Engineers in our Industry. We believe that we are able to offer a full range of Enginee...
Motor Claims Management System
Our innovative Motor Claims Management System evolves from years of research and development in the motor vehicle claims and supported by a strong team of dedicated specialists in motor engineering...
Maphilindo International Call Center
The Maphilindo International 24x7 Call Center was created to provide immediate response in customer service through broadening the channels of communication between our Principals and their custome...
Personal Lines Claims Handling
Our proactive claims handling approach in personal lines has developed efficient and cost effective quality service solutions that is complemented by our own 24x7 Call Center Service, the first to ...
Contact Us
Maphilindo International Sdn Bhd
9th Floor Menara Promet, , Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250. MALAYSIA
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