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Seiko Marine Products Sdn Bhd
Sourcing Malaysia - It's all here
About Us
Our factory has been designed to meet with the HACCP food safety programme. We also implement and maintain at all times the food programme mentioned with relevant requirement of the EU, USFDA, CODEX as well as local regulations. Our products certified HALAL caters to both domestic and international markets covering the United Kingdom and Australia. We are also accredited with a HACCP Certificate, and Higher Level of National Britannia Certification (BRC)

Through our R & D we strive to bring you high quality products. We aspire to continue to be efficient and original toards our customers. We spend as much time providing customer service as we do talking about it. We are therefore commited to you in service and professionalism.
Fisherman's Basket
A convenient pack featuring an array of our crumbed seafood treats. The assortment includes our crumbed formed calamari rings, prawn cutlets, fish fillet and formed scallop
Calamari Rings
Freshly processed formed calamari rings using premium quality squid. Battered and crumb coated to perfection for that luscious crisp texture and delicate crunch.
Fish Ball
Selected from the finest grade of white fish meat with its natural flavour, blended and set at just the right temperature to give it that slightly bouncy texture. A must in most Asian noodle cuisin...
Seafood Spring Roll
A combination of fish meat, squid and prawn blended with carrots and spring onion wrapped in a light pastry for that crispy bite
Contact Us
Seiko Marine Products Sdn Bhd
No 30,Jalan Meru Indah 20,, Taman Perindustrian Meru Indah, Klang, Selangor, 42200. MALAYSIA
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