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NIS Spice Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
About Us
Rafflesia Food Trading Sdn. Bhd. is a modest family business, producing unique blend of spices. It was formed since 1989, Johor Bahru (Malaysia). With this we are glad to gain 10 over years of experience and knowledge of blending and manufacturing of spices. The founder of this company Mr. Allen Wong with years of experience being a chef has gave him a need to create and blend spices that would cut the time process of preparation to achieve time efficiency.

Thus, NIS spice was born NIS stands for Natural, Instant and Simple. In 2003, Rafflesia Food Trading Sdn Bhd was renamed to Nis Spice Manufacturing Sdn Bhd to relate our brand to our company. Today, Nis Spice is known for its excellent dedication and service to provide the finest spices to our customers. We take pride to cater tailor made spices to suit the requirements of our customers.
Contact Us
NIS Spice Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
72, Jalan Perdagangan 16, Taman University, Skudai, 81300. MALAYSIA

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