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Herbal Land Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
About Us
The factory was established in 1979 by four brothers of the Lee family who are qualified
and experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners. Despite their commitments, they were
willing to fulfill their obligations to society.

Initially "Way Far Trading (M) Sdn Bhd" was established. It was indeed a challenging
time as the company faced many problems and obstacles. With capable leadership and
guidance, these problems were overcome and the company is now involved in research
and development as well as efforts to increase productivity leading to great progress.

Starting from 2003, the company is now known as "Herbal Land Manufacturing Sdn
Bhd". By using the most advanced methods of production and with an efficient
administrative system, the company is all ready to face globalization and to venture into
the manufacture of health products which will benefit mankind.
Sense Herbal Tea
Indication: Traditionally use for slimming and to resolve constipation. Dosage: Add boiling water to 1 tea bag of SENSE Herbal Tea to make 1 cup of tea. Leave it for 10 minutes and drink the p...
Golden Pack Jin Dan
Indication: Warming and tonify the kidney to invigorate 'Yang'. Promoting the generation of vital essence, replenishing the blood, invigorating the brain and tonifying the kidney. Dosag...
A.V. Slimming Tea
Indication: Reduce extra body fat or lipid and bring the cholesterol level back to normal, to relieve bad breath, pimples and minor ulcer, to resolve constipation. Dosage: Mix one to two teasp...
Pojari Chinese Tea
Indication: Traditionally used for reducing of body weight, cholesterol level and resolving of constipation. Dosage: Add 1 teaspoon of Pojari Chinese Tea into a cup of boiling water, leave it...
Contact Us
Herbal Land Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
15-21 Hala Perusahaan Kledang Utara 2, Menglembu Industrial Park, Ipoh, Perak, 31450. MALAYSIA

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