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Dancomech Engineering Sdn Bhd
About Us
Dancomech was established in the year 1990. Currently we have a number of staffs working together as a team to serve and meet our customer needs and demands. We specialized in the field of valves, gauges, instrumentation, controls and any other relevant products that deals with general and heavy duty oil and gas industries.

With a constant growth through out the years, we have sufficient goods and stocks store in our warehouse to meet customer needs and project deadlines. We are the sole agent and distributor for some of the world most renowned valve and instrumentation manufacturer. These manufacturers include AMRI-KSB, Rototherm, Leser, Omal, PBV, Crane-Flowseal, WAGI, ZV, Yoneki, Cmo, Ayvaz, TankTech(KSPC), Power-Genex, Eurotec, Shoritsu Seisakusho Co. Ltd (SSS), Cmo, Diaval, Sun Yeh, Sam Woo, Duyar, Kurimoto and Sejin. Beside these products, we do keep stocks from other manufacturer such as SK, Wellflex, Rockwood Swendeman, Varimex, Astam, KITZ, DK and UW.

With more than ...
Gauges-Rototherm/DK - A range of economical sized from 63mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm & 250mm nominal size pressure gauges ideally suited to most industrial applications where accuracy and durability...
Level Gauge Cock
Level Gauge Cock - Connections are made for PX type (by end tubes and stuffing boxes) and for PY type (by ANSI 82.1 screwed nipples) - Level gauges are provided with glasses type according to...
Ball valve- omal
Omal - Range from 1pc, 2pcs and 3 pcs body - Flanged end, screwed end, butt weld end and socket weld end - Full bore and reduced bore - Floating ball design - Anti-static device, fire s...
Actuator -Omal VIP Pneumatic Valves
Actuator -Omal VIP Pneumatic Valves - Automated full bore valves - Realized in “DA” and “SR” (normally open and normally closed) version with screwed or flanged end. - The VIP are supplied ...
Contact Us
Dancomech Engineering Sdn Bhd
No. 21, Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, , Shah Alam, , Selangor, 40150 . MALAYSIA

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