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Eng Marks Oil & Fats Sdn Bhd
About Us
The Company , Eng Marks Oils & Fats Sdn Bhd was established in year 2003 to import , export of oils & fats and to manufacture margaine , shortening, frying shortening and cooking oil. It is to synergized with the market driven strategies for the in focus in to an organization with excellent management system and thus to allow maximum growth, glory and successess. The process is focus on clear, reviewable working process, returning profits to shareholders, employees and the society.

This will make Eng Marks as the one and the only leading Margarine and Shortening manufacturing company in the East Cost of Malaysia, always ready to serve the customer with high quality products and to give the society the highest benefits in term of excellent quality, taste and healty products.

Wit great effort and full commitment, Eng Marks oils & Fats is determine in providing good quality products and service,. The company totally commits to the customers's need of quality control on every ...
Frying Shortening
For industrial and domestic food frying, eg. chicken, potato chips, doughnut, and other snack food
Recommended usage: -Making breads, biscuits, cream cakes, etc.
Recommended usage: -Making cakes, bread, cookies -Cooking Packing: -18kg/box -0.5kg/nylon bag
RBD Palm Olein
Recommended usage: -General Cooking -Industrial Uses Packing: 0.5kg, 1kg (Plastic Bags) 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg (Bottles) 17kg (Tin) 190kg (Drum)
Contact Us
Eng Marks Oil & Fats Sdn Bhd
504-D 1, Batu7 1/2 ,JLN GAMBANG, KG. PANDAN DUA, Kuantan, 26070. MALAYSIA

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