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Buy Copper Cathode 99.99% Cu

Product Description
Dear Sir/madam ,
We are one of the largest copper cathode buyers in China .If you can supply these products , Please send the test report and quotation to our e-mail box . The requirement is to see :
Product: copper cathode
Origin: Zambia,Congo,Chile,or other reliable supplier
Quantity: 500MT-2000MT Trial Shipment
Further quantity : 10,000MT--20,000MT Per month x 12 months with options for rolls and extensions up to sixty months.
copper content requirement : Cu Min 99.97-99.99%
Payment Terms: Payment is by irrevocable letter of credit.
Quotation requirement :CIF China main port price or FOB copper mine nearest port
Inspection : SGS or CIQ is required
Direct supplier is more appreciated!!
I hope to hear from you soon .
Your sincerely

Product Keywords : Copper Cathode, Copper, Cathode
Contact Information
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