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Buy Pringles

Product Description
Dear Sir,
We are importers and distributors of food items in Saudi Arabia. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, bakeries, food factories, caterers, wholesalers, and supermarkets.
Kindly, quote us your best price C&F Jeddah for FCL PRINGLES 14X7OZ, 12X2OZ (Original, and other flavours.)
Payment will be by Irrevocable Letter of Credit, paid at sight.
Take inconsideration the following L/C requirements:
1-Required documents: ORIGINAL INVOICE IN TRIPLICATE COPIES, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, And And CERTIFICATE OF WEIGHT & MEASURMENT. All documents must be legalized by a Saudi embassy or consulate.
2-Documents must be presented within 21 days of the date of shipping documents.
3-Partial Shipment is not allowed.
In addition, every piece of the product must be stickered with Arabic translation of the label containing the following information: Brand, Item description, Weight, Manufacturer, Origin, Ingredients. Production and expiry must be clear on every piece in the format DD/MM/YYYY. We can provide the translation, but you have print and sticker the goods.
Looking forward for a favorable reply,
Mohamad Amoudi
Fax: 0096626367728
Tel: 0096626364155
Mobile: 00966505651792
Product Keywords : Pringles
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