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Buy Nescafe

Product Description
Nescafe Original Instant Coffee 12x200 grams.
Payment will be by Irrevocable Letter of Credit, paid at sight.
Take inconsideration the following L/C requirements:
1-Required documents: ORIGINAL INVOICE IN TRIPLICATE COPIES, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN, CERTIFICATE OF WEIGHT & MEASURMENT. All documents must be legalized by a Saudi embassy or consulate.
2-Documents must be presented within 21 days of the date of shipping documents.
3-Partial Shipment is not allowed.
In addition, every piece of the product must be stickered with Arabic translation of the lable containing the following information: Brand, Item description, Weight, Manufacturer, Origine, Ingredients. Production and expiary must be clear on every peice in the format DD/MM/YYYY. We can provide the translation, but you have print and sticker the goods.
Product Keywords : Nescafe
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