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Buy Crystal Stemware

Product Description
I am the owner / director of an Australian business that is looking at expanding its product range to include the following:

Red Wine Crystal Stemware
White Wine Crystal Stemware
Champagne Crystal Stemware

I am looking in particular for these glasses to be in sets of 6 and packaged securely in plain white boxes.

All glasses must be modern in their design, clear and with no pattern.

For immediate buying decisions, could you please send me via email your current products available including price, photos, full specifications, delivery times, minimum order quantities and payment terms.

I am hoping to receive a reply from you as soon as possible and if happy with the products I would be purchasing immediately.

This will be an ongoing opportunity for the right manufacturer and further orders will be made on an on-going basis.

I look forward to hearing from you and a successful business relationship in the future.

Product Keywords : red wine, white wine, champagne
Contact Information
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