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In just a few steps, you can promote your business globally
  1. Register your ad account - Fill up your information and get access to ad campaign control panel.
  2. Create your ad - We provide easy step-by-step instructions on how to build your advertisement. It's simple and fast.
  3. Top up your ad - Plan your advertisement campaign budget and schedule your ad appearance. You will never experience any unanticipated costs.
  4. Monitor your ad performance - Real-time data on the performance of your campaign puts all of the control in your hands.

Reach out more global customers

Being Malaysia's leading trade portal, we FEATURE:
  1. 30,000++ registered enterprises
  2. 10 millions++ hits per month
Our B2B audiences include:
  1. Buyers / purchasers (both domestic and international)
  2. Importers and exporters
  3. Manufacturers / producers
  4. Wholesalers
  5. Retailers


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Details Unit Type Rate
  1. Title of advertisement
  2. Image of company logo or product - 120x240 pixels (static or animated)
  3. Description - 150 characters
  4. Phone number
  5. Fax number
  6. Email
  7. Website link (direct to specific website)
CPM - Cost per 1,000 impressions RM20.00
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Details Unit Type Rate
  1. Text advertisement by keywords
  2. Text ads appear on relevant search results
CPC - Cost per Click RM0.05