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Sirijaya Industries Sdn Bhd
About Us
Sirijaya Industries Sdn Bhd
Established since 1983, manufactures innovative, high quality
of Fluorescent Light Fittings, Lamp and Starter Holders supplying
mainly to domestic and oversea market.

We supplies a wide range of lighting needs for uses in commercial,
industries and residential building. Our products meet the quality
requirement of the relevant standards and fully supported for
inventory control, product specification recall and awarded
the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for the Quality System.

SIRIJAYA has over 250 employees and it occupies
121,500 square feet with a built up area of approximately
88,200 square feet.
Contact Us
Sirijaya Industries Sdn Bhd
No 9, Persiaran Kledang 9, , IGB International Industrial Park , Chemor, Perak, 31200. MALAYSIA
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