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Farmcochem Sdn Bhd
Product Based / Agriculture » Fertilizers


Product Description
HUMIC-GRO is an organic compound fertilizer using humic substance produced from humitication of organic remains of plants and animals as the raw material.

Its natural occurring chemical composition provides highly available nutrients suitable for a wide varieties of crops. This superior compound fertilizer supplies the organic matters and other essential elements which are essential for plant growth. HUMIC-GRO is therefore highly recommended for use in highly weathered tropical soil which usually have low cation exchange capacity (CEC). HUMIC-GRO is suitable for use in fruits, paddy, ornamentals, vegetables, lawns, turfs and nurseries and other commercially cultivated crops.

Product Features
HUMIC-GRO improves plant growth and promotes plant health with the following effects:

*It increases C.E.C. of soil
*Solubilizes phosphate chelates and increases the
efficiency of phosphate utilization
*Stimulates root growth and seed germination
*Improves physio-chemical properties of soil
*Encourages micro-organism growth in the soil
*Enhances root development and increases uptake of
macro and micro nutrients
*Increases organic content of soil
*Presence of Amino acids and trace elements improves
the quality, taste, preservability of fruits and other
vegetative plant organs. These nutrients also increase
the resistance of crops to pests and diseases.

Special Features

*The uniform granule size of 1.0 to 1.5 mm in diameter
facilitates application and is particularly suitable for golf
course usage.
*The highly sophisticated manufacturing process frees the
product from the contamination of weed seeds, harmful
bacteria, fungi and other foreign matters.
*The humic substance contained in HUMIC-GRO reduces
disorders in plant growth and improve the germination of
the seeds. The high analysis of HUMIC-GRO compares
more favourably with poultry manure which normally has
low nutrient contents.
Product Keywords : fertilizer, organic
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Farmcochem Sdn Bhd
3-4, Jln USJ 9/5Q, , Subang Business Centre, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620. MALAYSIA

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