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Domica Metal Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd
About Us
Domica Furniture Industries Ltd. Co. is one of the leading manufactures & exporters of metal furniture since year 1997. In year 2001 we expanded in wooden furniture line and since then, our business has grown by leaps and bounds.Today we owns a 235,000 sq feet of manufacturing space & 4500 sq feet permanent showroom.


To become a leading Malaysian manufacturer dedicated to producing quality products of excellent design and outstanding product value.


To fulfill out customer's requirement by providing superior products which offer high standards of safety and comfort back up by superior service, efficient delivery times & systems to enhance customer's satisfaction
Double Decker KD 5511
Description Double Decker Dimension L1900x W940 x H1670 mm Cubic Meter (m3) 0.229 Packing Method 1 set / 2 Packages Color Fancy Loadability (Sets) +/- 20' 40' 40'HC 130 26...
Single Bed KD 1321
Description Single Bed Dimension L1900 x W940 x H1270 mm Cubic Meter (m3) 0.204 Packing Method 1 set / 1 Package Color Pink Loadability (Sets) +/- 20' 40' 40'HC 147 294
Dining Sets KD 6412
Description Dining Set Dimension :- Table L1200 x W800 x H760 mm - Chair L400 x W400 x H900 mm Cubic Meter (m3) 0.221 Packing Method 1 set / 4 Packages Color Texture Black / Dark Walnut ...
Double Decker KD 5991
Description Double Decker Dimension L1900x W940 x H1700 mm Cubic Meter (m3) 0.227 Packing Method 1 set / 2 Packages Color Tex Black / Dark Walnut Loadability (Sets) +/- 20' 40' 4...
Contact Us
Domica Metal Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd
No.12, Jalan Pinang Jaya, P.O.Box 138, Pos Malaysia, Kepala Batas, 16200. MALAYSIA

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