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Phillips Seafood (East Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
About Us
Steve Phillips grew up working side by side with his parents, Brice and Shirley, in the family`s seafood restaurants. Under Steve`s leadership, they opened their most successful restaurant to date in 1980 in Baltimore`s revitalized Inner Harbor. Serving Maryland-style seafood, Phillips Harborplace Restaurant became the Harbor`s anchor. Through Steve`s guidance, Phillips Harborplace immediately ranked in the country`s top dozen grossing restaurants. However, sourcing enough domestic crab meat to meet the increasing demand became a problem.

While on a trip to the Philippines, Steve encountered a potential solution to the crab supply shortage that was troubling his restaurants. He found a crab almost identical to the domestic Chesapeake Bay crab, and discovered that locals considered it simply a by-product.

Steve envisioned supplementing domestic crab meat with this species of blue swimming crab to ensure his restaurants` supply. Risking his company and personal finance...
Colossal Lump Crab Meat
Phillips Crab Meat is from the blue swimming crab (portunus- spp). The crabs are harvested from the tropical waters of Southeast Asia, cooked, hand-picked and pasteurized at Phillips' own crab ...
Retail Crab & Shrimp Spring Rolls
Our authentic Thai-style spring rolls are a tasty combination of crab meat, shrimp, cellophane noodles, cabbage, carrots and spices rolled in a paper thin Asian wrapper. Perfect for appetizers, cat...
Crab & Corn Chowder
Every chunky spoonful of Phillips Crab and Corn Chowder is brimming with sweet yellow corn and blue swimming crab meat. We add our own blend of spices to give the soup its distinct Chesapeake Bay f...
Tartar Sauce
Our Phillips Tartar Sauce is a must for every type of seafood dish. Nutritional Information: Serving Size: 2 Tbsp. (30g) Servings Per Container: 8 Calories Per Serving: 150 Calories f...
Contact Us
Phillips Seafood (East Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
MPT 7781 & 7782 Godown Industrial, Jalan Sungai Tanjong, Off Jalan Air Panas, P.O.Box 1915, Tawau, 91040. MALAYSIA

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