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Perniagaan Orang Kampung Sdn Bhd
About Us
In the early part of 1975, Perniagaan Orang Kampung (POK) started its small business operation with the reputation for producing and providing the highest quality and service of herbal products.

It turned up to be a sole proprietorship on October 14 th 1990 . When new product development strategies were introduced, and soon orders began flooding in from every corner of Malaysia .

The founder, Datuk Haji Manggar Haniff (DMSM, DSM), carried on the reputation for providing the highest quality and service. With an added paid-up capital, POK was registered as private limited company and known as Perniagaan Orang Kampung Sdn. Bhd. (POKSB). POKSB then rented a factory at Lot J-7017, Merlimau Industrial Area, Melaka,a step to ensure a continuing supply for the future.

As business progressively developed, POKSB diversified by introducing a few retail outlets throughout Melaka in 1995 and 1996. Today, the business progress that taken place changed the way of doing business. A few ...
Gamat Oil
Gamat” or holothurians stichopus spl is a marine culture used by the Malay since long time ago. Gamat is a marine culture known able to treat and defense itself biologically. Historically, women ...
Herbal Tea
Over weight is one of the major predisposing factors for heart diseases, hypertension aand diabetes.Excessive fat that accumulates in the body should be removing as a preventive measure. Herbal Tea...
Kacip Fatimah Pills
Based on research, almost 60% of women suffer health problems (gynecological diseases) such as irregular menstruation cycle, menstruation inconsistence, delay of menstruation, period pain, problem ...
Tongkat Ali Capsule
Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia jack is highly valued in Asia society. It is species of ginseng that grow wildly in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and has been proven to possess extraordin...
Contact Us
Perniagaan Orang Kampung Sdn Bhd
J-7017 & 7018 Merlimau Industrial Area,, , Merlimau, 77300. MALAYSIA

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