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Derichem (M) Sdn Bhd
Product Based / Health & Beauty » Soap

Derichem noodles - Superiority

Product Description
To produce good quality toilet soap with high stability, it is essential that the soap base be free of impurities, of very good colour (i.e. as white as possible) and devoid of any odour except the characteristic odour of the base material.In the manufacturing of the soap base, particularly in the direct saponification of fats and oil, pre-treatment of the starting oil is often necessary to remove the impurities, high odour and with chemical bleaching to improve the colour. In Derichem, the fatty acid neutralisation process of distilled fatty acids is employed.
Product Keywords : soap, hygiene, health
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Derichem (M) Sdn Bhd
2411 Lorong Perusahaan Satu, Prai Industrial Complex, Perai, Penang, 13600. MALAYSIA

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