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Product Description

Buying Lead

[ Updated: 2008/06/06 ]

Dear Sir.

We are looking for reliable supplier to supply the following pig hair and gall products, please advice the following information we required.
If your pig hair and gall can meet our requirement, we will buy big quantity from you for a long time.

1, Name of product:PIG HAIR,please tell me the following information: Origin country,price,quantity,quality include average length, moisture content,colour,contaminant content.

2, Name of product :GALL,origin from cattle and pig,quantity ,quality include moisture content、contaminant content,produce method,price,origin country

Please contact me!
MOB: 86-13908021857.
My name is: Paul Yan.

The suppliers who can supply the products above please feel free to contact me anytime.

Best regards
Paul Yan

Product Keywords : PIG HAIR, HAIR OF PIG, GALL
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