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Sourcing for Product and Supplier
Sourcing at is simple. Click on COMPANIES or PRODUCTS taps at top of every page. You will be able to browse by COMPANIES or PRODUCTS category or using keyword to source for the result.

Sourcing by Companies or Products Tap PDF Print E-mail
  1. Click the COMPANIES or PRODUCTS tab on the main navigation bar on any
  2. You can browse the extensive categories to source what you needed.
Sourcing by Keywords PDF Print E-mail
  1. As you have the keywords for what you are looking for, just enter the company or product name in a search box to start sourcing
  2. Sourcing by keywords in COMPANIES. The results will include company name and logo, company information, business contact, posted date, membership type, and direct link to member personal showroom.
  3. Sourcing by keywords in PRODUCTS. The results will display product name, company name, product description and direct link to supplier product showroom.
  4. Results are sorted by relevance and by membership type.
  5. Use "Advance Search" to refine your search results.